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As an outstanding project managed by the Deposit and Management Fund (CDG), Casa Anfa City is an urban development project located at the heart of Casablanca, stretching over 350 ha and tasked to revive the former historical Anfa Airport.


The ambition has been to offer Casablanca a new modern urban centrality and leverage the metropolitan sense of urbanism, aiming to grant it a decent weight at the international scale, while responding to its needs.

  • Project Holder

    Agence pour l’Urbanisation et le Développement d’Anfa (AUDA)

  • Location

    Hay Hassani, Casablanca,

Scope of the Project

  • Total constructible area of 4.5 million m2 of which 2.3 million m2 designed for housing (23 ha), 700 000 m2 for various facilities and 1.3 million m2 for retail and leisure activities

  • Casablanca shall be offered a new centrality and a modern urban melting pot which should raise it to an international metropole

  • Casa Anfa is also a job generating project, given its long-term  goal to create about 100 000 jobs

  • In compliance with  sustainable development principles, green spaces take up third of the project, among which a 50 ha metropolitan central park

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