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The National Logistics Sector

On account of its role in Local Value Chains performance, logistics encountered, during the last decade, a strategic change with regard to its management standards at the national level.

Due to its complementary role with the other promising sectors of the Country, this sector contributes thoroughly to Morocco's economic growth and positions itself within ongoing innovation and modernity.

Sectorial Strategies

While putting the development strategy of logistics competitiveness into action since 2010, Morocco has placed the bet on logistics to attract value-added investments that generate employment, and to improve its integration in regional and global Trade.

This ambitious strategy planned for 2030 aims to achieve three major targets: reduce logistics costs, boost GDP growth and contribute to the country's sustainable development. To this end, different actions are being undertaken ranging from implementing logistics parks to optimizing goods flows, going through skills development and governance improvement.

Key Figures

  • 56 billion MAD

    of Added value (2019)
  • 31 billion MAD

    of public and private investment 
  • 472.000

  • 5,48%

    of contribution to GDP
  • 4 ports

    in the Casablanca-Settat Region
  • +75%

    of national maritime traffic


The region's strategic position, its strengthened connectivity and economic dynamism brought about the logistics soar in Casablanca-Settat, adding up to a great deal of assets

  • Regional geostrategic position and connectivity

  • Multimodal network of communication infrastructure

  • Regional strategy for connectivity improvement

  • Dense network of industrial and service enterprises

  • High-standard welcome infrastructure

  • Young and qualified manpower

  • Local industrial ecosystem of national and international private operators

  • Wide expanding market

Investment Opportunities

  • Transport

    implementation, organization and transit



    cold store stocking and other stockings, preparation of orders, packaging and labeling services, etc.

  • DHL

    Messaging services

    National & international with high-added value services

  • NTIC


    IT systems and Information &  Communication Technologies (ICT) dedicated to logistics

port de casa


  • 1

    Financial aids provided by the Investment Charter

  • 2

    Financial aids provided by the PME LOGIS Program designed for Moroccan SMEs



Key Enterprises