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Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies at National Level

Standing as champion of renewable energies, Morocco sets an example both continent and worldwide. The Kingdom responds to the compelling energy transition to face current and future climat challenges heading for a strategic goal: reduction of 45.5% of greenhouse effect gases by 2030, ensuring domestic energy independence and general electrification.


Sectoral Strategy


Crossed by the Atlantic and Mediterranean breezes and enjoying a yearlong sunny weather, the Kingdom built vast areas of wind turbines, along with Ouarzazate photovoltaic plant which ranks among the biggest in the World.

The energy mix option, in which renewables would represent 64% of installed capacity, respond to a strategic vision at highest Governmental levels.

The advances made since the implementation of 2009 National Strategy enabled Morocco to rank 7th best country prepared to climatic change in 2022, according to the Climate Change Performance Index.

Key Figures


  • 7th

    best prepared country for climate change 
  • 3rd

    largest renewable energy production capacity in the Arab world 
  • 19th

    most attractive country for investments in renewable energies
  • 42%

    renewable energy mix in 2023
  • 64%

    renewable energy mix by 2030
  • +4,000 MW

    of installed capacity


The energy sector offers several assets in favour of sustainable and eco-friendly investments

  • Considerable potential in hydroelectricity, biomass (or bioenergy) and energy efficiency

  • Government program to set up renewable energy projects in all industrial zones to realize a total capacity of 800 MW

  • Potential in biomass estimated at 1.3 million MWh/year 

  • Considerable potential in hydraulic energy (5 big dams, 10 small dams and 21 others in prospect)

  • Suitably windblown sites to accommodate windmill parks

  • Strengthened and multimodal connectivity

  • Proximity to main consumption and production pools

Regional Value Offer

  • 8 solar power plant projects with a capacity of 200 MW 

  • 2 wind projects and 4 solar power plants with a total capacity of 90 MW 

  • Bank of industrial projects providing high-potential activities at regional level

  • Customized support by national and regional operators

  • Vocational training delivered by public and private institutes

  • Proximity to main markets

  • Young and qualified manpower

  • New controlled landfill over 120 ha by 2027

  • Sites with excellent wind and sunlight conditions classified as “zone 3” for hosting solar power projects

  • A projected seawater desalination facility to serve Casablanca and the surrounding area (Capacity of 200 to 300 million m3/year)


Investment Opportunities

  • Energy valorisation using household wastes

  • -

    Energy valorisation using agricultural wastes

  • Manufacture of solar water heaters

  • Production of crystalline photovoltaic modules

  • Production of photovoltaic modules through High Concentration Photovoltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system

  • Installation of innovative mobile units for industrial wastewater processing

  • Manufacture of Li-Sol solutions

  • Production of Mobile Solar Fridge (MSF)

  • Wind power farms/plants



  • 1

    Financial aids provided by the Investment Charter

  • 2

    Moroccan initiatives for investment promotion in this sector: Fodep III, Green Invest, Tatwir Green Growth

  • 3

    Various foreign funding organizations offering subsidies to investments and technical support


For more information on this sector, consult our study on the renewable energy industry 


Key Enterprises