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Tourism at National Level

As an archetypal locomotive of African tourism, Morocco never missed to attract visitors thanks to its cultural and architectural legacy, its broad variety and beauty of beaches and natural sites, its cuisine, security and hospitality.

Contributing to more than 7% of the GDP and employing 5% of the active population, tourism is at the origin of a deep socio-economic dynamic generating growth, foreign exchange, diversification and competitiveness.

tourisme oualidia

Sectorial Strategy

Since 2000, the Kingdom was able to establish and implement a development strategy for tourism (2010 and 2020 visions) aiming to position the sector as one of its development engines.

A 2023-2026 roadmap has been implemented to transform the tourism sector by addressing key areas such as a new customer-centric approach, diversification of cultural and leisure offerings, upgrading of existing hotel infrastructure, creation of new hotel capacity, and investment in human capital development, with the goal of seeing Morocco become one of the world's top ten most admired destinations.

This ambitious strategy, which has a 6.1 billion DH overall budget, seeks to produce various spin-off effects by 2026, including luring 17.5 million tourists, earning 120 billion DH in foreign currency, and creating 200,000 new direct and indirect jobs.

Key Figures

  • 1st

    destination for medical, shopping, and business tourism 
  • 3rd 

    national tourist destinatio
  • 10% 

    of Morocco's accomodation capacity 
  • 1.5 million

    million tourists per year
  • +5 million

    million tourists by 2030


Being the third national tourist destination, Casablanca-Settat enjoys nowadays a flow of tourists exceeding 1.5 million coming to discover a region with multiple facets.

  • A destination combining tradition and modernism

  • A 340 km coastline and a great deal of famous beachfront sites

  • Varied cuisine with relished local products

  • 1st national tourist destination for medical, shopping, cruising, galleries and exhibitions

  • Abundant national and international prestigious tourism brands 

  • World-class tourism facilities: Casablanca Theatre, museums, hotels, restaurants, golf courses

  • 120 000 ha of natural forests


Investment Opportunities


  • Business tourism

    Consolidation of lodging facilities

  • tourisme bleu

    Blue tourism

    Development of beachfront animation zones

  • Medical tourism

    Dentistry and aesthetic surgery

  • Shopping tourism

    Malls and food halls

  • Green tourism

    Development of forest networks, trekking and dam-surrounding areas

  • tourisme culturel

    Cultural tourism

    touristic attractions around ancient medinas, historical monuments, galleries and museums




  • 1

    Financial aids provided by the Investment Charter

  • 2

    Financial aids provided by the Hassan II Fund for Economic and Social Development

  • 3

    Renovotel Fund



Key Enterprises