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Mazagan urban pole (PUMA) reflects the new strategy of urban poles development promoted on national scale by the Ministry of Housing and City Policy. This project stems from a determination to adopt a global urban integrated approach that takes into consideration all the economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

The Mazagan Urban Pole located close to El Jadida will turn to a real city at the junction of knowledge and innovation. Its development is going to yield a model urban city keeping up with the Region’s economic and social development while respecting sustainable development standards.

  • Project Holder

    Société d’aménagement et de développement de Mazagan (SAEDM)

  • Location

    90 km south of Casablanca

Scope of the Project

  • A research, development and innovation zone of chemistry, biochemistry and food processing industry

  • An academic and vocational training pole

  • A breeding ground for enterprises

  • Tourist and cultural facilities (Congress Center, Exhibition Park, Art Village)

  • Tertiary sector zone

  • A residential zone: high-quality attractive lodgings  (130 000 inhabitants by 2030)

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