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Automotive Industry

National Automotive Industry

The national automobile industry, which is Morocco's first-largest export market, is a model success story for the continent. Morocco has established itself as a pioneer in the African car manufacturing industry since 2017.

The industry is home to well-known operators from around the world (Renault, PSA, Sews Cabind, Leoni, Delphi, etc.), with a local integration rate of more than 60% and an annual production of around one million vehicles.

Sectorial Strategy

The automotive industry is one of the pillars of Morocco's industrial emergence strategy, supported by the Industrial Recovery Plan. The growth of the automotive industry is supported by a national strategy of support and training of the workforce, which aims to achieve 80% local integration by 2030 and a decarbonized production increasingly using renewable energy.

Key Figures

  • 1st

    largest producer in Africa
  • 1st

    Exporting sector in Morocco (2023) 
  • $14+ billion

    in exports in 2023 
  • 250

  • 220.000

  • 2 million

    cars/year capacity by 2030


Casablanca-Settat Region is the cradle of Moroccan automotive industry which dates back to 1959 with “SOMACA”, the sector's 1st industrial unit. It was then empowered by gradual installation of equipment operators, making avail of the following assets:

  • A market scoring a solid growth rate 

  • 8 strong industrial ecosystems strengthening the position of Morocco in this sector

  • World-standard industrial recipient facilities

  • Young and qualified manpower

  • Local network of national and private operators

  • Electric Mobility Hub

  • SOMACA: One of the Renault Group's 5 high-performing sites worldwide

Investment Opportunities

  • Electric Vehicle battery components

  • Automotive wiring

  • *

    Passenger compartment including seats

  • *

    Metal deep drawing

  • *

    Automotive batteries

  • *

    Heavy duty and hull industry

  • *

    Engines/transmission systems


Regional Value Offer

  • Bank for industrial projects providing high-potentiality activities

  • Diversified regional offer of industrial platforms

  • Regional support to activities dedicated to research and development

  • Customized close support by national and regional actors

  • Vocational training offer delivered by the automotive vocational training institute (IFMIA)



  • 1

    Financial aids provided by the Investment Charter

  • 2

    Financial aids provided  by the Development Fund for Industry and Investment (FDII)

  • 3

    Many advantages in favour of companies operating within the framework of industrial acceleration zones


Key Enterprises