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Agriculture at National Level

Agriculture is a vital component of the Moroccan economy and one of the primary sources of employment, employing over 40% of the working-age population. Agriculture, which accounts for 10.7% of Moroccan GDP, is intimately linked to the country's economic growth and makes significant contributions to poverty alleviation, food security, and the accomplishment of sustainable development goals.


Sectorial Strategies


Green Generation 2020-2030, 2nd national agricultural strategy after the Green Morocco Plan, aims at strengthening Morocco's agricultural assets and improving agricultural incomes through :

  • Pursuing investment efforts

    Implementing a new youth-centric inciting system

  • Generalizing agricultural insurance

  • Specific social protection program for farmers supported by the private sector


The objective is to double the export value, create 350 000 jobs by deploying 1 million ha land and helping 180 000 young farmers to access the market, in addition to providing 150 000 youths with vocational training.

Key Figures


  • 10%

    of agricultural GDP
  • 45%

    of white meat production
  • 40%

    of sugar beet production
  • 25%

    of milk production
  • 1.8 million

    rural inhabitants
  • 15%

    of vegetable production


Agriculture has gained ascendency in Casablanca-Settat Region and made out of it the traditional granary of the country thanks to fertile land, oceanic climate and plenty of other assets

  • 14.9 % of arable land nation wide

  • Vast irrigated area: 146 000 ha, 11% of national arable land

  • 26% of the population is rural

  • Proximity to main markets

  • Diversified production: cereals, fodder, truck farming, meats, milk, olive oil, roses, etc.

  • Labeled terroir products: Doukkali vines, El Maleh Valley quinces, figs, red pepper, honey, etc.

  • Diverse sheep and cattle races

  • Great agro-industry dedication


Investment Opportunities



    Cereal agro-industry, dairy and truck farming 



    Production of meat packaging and labeling units 



    Creation of livestock feed units


  • BIO




    Constructing, equipping and managing private slaughter houses



    Alternate agriculture with embedded irrigation techniques (vines, citruses, truck farming)



Regional Value Offer

  • National initiative of agricultural land appropriation

  • An agro-project bank is expected within the “Green Generation” regional plan

  • Biggest livestock market in Morocco located in Sidi Bennour spanning an area of 6 ha

  • Collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Agriculture (DRA) and its provincial representatives

  • Collaboration with the Regional Center of Agronomic Research (CRRA) 

  • 6 dedicated vocational training institutes




The agricultural sector is supported by Government through aids provided for by the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA) for investment promotion.


Key Enterprises